At Kylemore Cars we like to do things different.

As one of Irelands largest independent Dealerships, we strive to be the leaders in our industry helping bring Irelands motor trade to a future of sustainability. We developed the idea of a sustainable showroom in the mid 2010’s while operating from a small glass conservatory on the side of a warehouse. Yes it was ambitious, but nothing is accomplished while playing it safe.

Our business and stock expanded. We made 70% plus of our stock Hybrid & Electric, eventually putting us in a position to finally begin our road map to sustainability.


After establishing our sustainability plan for the future, the first major commitment of the journey began with the design & build of our new home. Our showroom would become the first purpose-built high grade NZEB ( nearly zero-energy building ) car showroom developed by an independent dealer. To achieve this NZEB rating the building itself would entail;

  • 32 unit solar panel designed roof
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Underfloor heating system with insulated tiles
  • Energy saving lighting system
  • High tech heating & cooling automation
  • Thermally efficient cladding
  • Air tight seal reducing energy loss
  • Multiple EV charging points

The showroom has also been future proofed with the ability to further expand the EV network.


At Kylemore Cars we have appointed Green Leaders to manage and maintain the already established sustainability plan. These Green Leaders ensure all members of the team hold the same core values outlined in our plan for the future. Ongoing training gives all those involved in the project the knowledge and expertise in representing our company in house and at current events.

Two mural style paintings have been put on our inner walls to show the commitment we have for a sustainable future with one being informative about "Our Green Building" & the other being a clever change on the quote Henry Ford once provided.

As you walk through our main doors to reception, you will be greeted with a handmade wooden main desk laid on wooden floors surrounded by live plants and foliage to include a live moss feature under the reception lights which extract Co2 and stale air within the showroom helping purify the air.


Before moving to the new showroom we were operating off a paper model where at minimum every car we sold would come with 30 - 40 sheets of A4 paper, due to receipts, documentation, order/sales forms etc amounting to 80,000+ A4 sheets of paper. Now all order forms and receipts are done via bespoke electronic signature systems. We now only use 10 – 15 sheets of A4 paper on 50% of cars sold as unfortunately, we still must have paper forms due to certain financial institutes still operating a paper model for compliance.

Based on our current projections for 2023, we are now saving an estimated 65,500 sheets of A4 paper since moving to this model, aiming to be fully paperless as soon as the options are available for us to do so.


Our Green Leaders monitor and control waste and energy management systems within the building. There is ongoing works towards obtaining accreditation to develop an official road map for becoming a fully carbon neutral sustainable business. Our goal is to be recognised by the sustainable governing bodies of Ireland for the work we currently do and will be doing in the near future.