4 Polos with Bob Flavin | Which is better?

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Take a step into the world of car reviews with Bob Flavin as he reviews four… Yes… FOUR  variants of the Volkswagen Polo.
If you don’t know the name Bob Flavin you’re probably not in tune with the Irish motor industry. Known to appear on radio and TV shows along with attending car related events such as the Bumblebee run [ where over 100,000 euro was raised for charity this year ] and probably best known for strong opinions on his TikTok account. Bob is one of the few successful Irish men to make a living reviewing cars.
In this video Bob looks at a Mk6 Polo [ The newer model ] comparing it to the previous generation Polo Cross,  GT & Standard Polo.
‘’ I actually like driving these ones [ MK5 Polo ] more than these ones [ MK6 Polo ] , it feels more lively on the road ‘’
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