One Shot FPV Drone Film in Kylemore Cars

What exactly do FPV drones do… Let’s begin with this…
Not to be confused with your standard drone technology, the FPV models are roughly the same size as the palm on your hand. Fully made up from carbon fibre to keep weight low and two cameras attached on top from a stripped out light weight GoPro. The battery must be so light that from a full charge it can only give a 3-minute flight time.

The drone was controlled and managed by Keith from Aerial Photography Ireland using a VR type headset which so disorientating to the 99% of people who use it that only a special individual can make it their profession. The day of the shoot took 8 hours of filming ( Keep in mind batteries only last 3 minutes per flight ) with 20+ team as well as one equipment handler and one director. Choreography had to be on point every time the drone was in the air making sure not to capture any members of public who weren’t involved… all the while remaining open for business!

With 8 hours of filming boiling down to a crisp 1 minute & 43 seconds we were overwhelmed with the result, so much so that we held an exclusive online launch for our industry partners ( SIMI , DoneDeal, Carzone, CarsIreland ) along with multiple Banks & Lenders, and contractors. This coincided with a brief announcement of our new and very well respected brand ambassador [ Soon to be named ] and a brief speech from the CEO Graham Clarke.

This type of video is usually only done by the major corporate companies because they are the ones with the big teams, big budgets, and big investments. We went out and got the guy that single handily brought FPV Drone Film to Ireland in a professional way. Any film like this you see in Ireland and even some in the UK probably had something to do with Keith. We don’t just settle for ‘ O.K ‘ , we compete with the best. At Kylemore Cars we strive to be the pinnacle of the independent motor industry of not just Ireland… but Europe! Celebrating 10 years in business as of October ’23 is the foundation we lay to continue and grow for the next 10, 20… 50 years!
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Written by James Lee