Top 5 Tips Before Buying a Car

Research the car you want:

This one sounds like a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how little people tend to know about the car they want to spend the next few years living with and driving. From boot space for shopping and/or prams & buggies to room in the rear seats for friends and family. There are plenty of options for styles and shapes. Certain cars offer a Hatchback, saloon or estate variant models which have pros and cons. Estates are bigger cars in general which can be a good and bad thing. Hatchbacks can offer better storage than saloons however saloon models may look better.
Consider your fuel type:

In 2022 there are so many options for what type of car you can drive. Now more than ever is a time to consider fuel types due to inflation on fossil fuels. You can use Petrol, Petrol Hybrid ( self-charging ), Petrol Hybrid ( Plug-in ), Fully Electric or even Diesel. All of which have different benefits. Diesel is great if you are driving long distance. Petrol can be better in the city depending on engine size. Self-charging hybrids are great that you don’t have to worry about plugging your car in at night but Plug in Hybrids tend to have a better use of battery. Full EV’s save the most money but can be a pain to live with because of the battery range and the constant need to keep it charged.
Check Reviews:

Business reviews can be vital for certain consumers when deciding where to shop, eat or buy. Of course you will always find some bad reviews, as the saying goes ‘’ you cant keep everyone happy ‘’ but when there is a disproportionate amount when comparing with competitors then you know where to shop. For example; here at KylemoreCars we have a combined 2000 reviews from Google & Facebook, 94% of which are 5 stars. We have the most reviews for a car dealership in Ireland which is an achievement itself, but having that high of a rating too says a lot about the business.
Check the warranty:

What warranty do they offer? Buying private can lead to a whole load of problems, one of which is having no comeback if something is wrong with the car. Some of the smaller independent traders won’t offer any warranty at all either. Most used car dealers will offer 3 or 6 months engine and gearbox warranties however here at Kylemore we can offer an extended 12 – 24 month warranty on all our cars.
Choose Kylemore cars:

Why choose us? Well we lead the industry when it comes to car prices. With the rising costs of living, you can see every other dealership raising their prices while we hold firm. We house a wide range of stock ( 280+ cars )  which varies from hybrid to petrol to full EV. All cars come serviced, valeted and guarantee NCT Pass. We work with a plethora of Finance Companies to get your application submitted and passed in less than 24 hours. Mix all that together with our first class customer service and you’ve found your one stop shop…… KylemoreCars Select – Collect - Drive