What is NZEB

                NZEB is an acronym for Nearly.Zero.Emmission.Building. If a building is NZEB it has a very high energy performance where very low amount of energy is required to run the building via renewable resources.
            In 2010 The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive required all buildings to be nearly Zero Energy Buildings by 31st December 2020 and all buildings acquired by public bodies by 31st December 2018. For all new builds, an equivalent to a 60% improvement in energy performance is required. This includes the fabric, services and lighting specification. The renewable sources must in general provide 20% of the primary energy use.

There are plenty of ways in which a building can reduce energy consumption;
·         Building orientation
·         Glazing window options
·         Overhangs
·         Insulation
·         Solar panels
·         Rainwater recycling
And many more…

            Our building is one the first purpose built NZEB Showrooms to be built in Ireland. When you look at the other few, you will notice they are all Main Dealer Franchised. This is because we have the best priced cars on the market competing with inflation and rising cost of living. We have become extremely busy over the past few years with a huge turn over of cars every month. This led to us needing to expand to a brand new showroom in Ballymount which will be fully completed come end of year 2022.
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