Kylemore Cars top 5 tips for saving fuel

Are you stressing over the cost of diesel and petrol at the pumps? Are you looking for ways to save fuel on the daily commute? We here at Kylemore cars feel your pain and we don’t want you to be worrying more about the cost of running your new car after your purchase with us.
Here are our top 5 tips for saving fuel in your new used car:
1.       Turn off the unnecessaries

Aircon, your radio, heated seats and anything that takes up unnecessary energy will make the engine work harder. By turning these off or even using them less will save fuel on your engine.
2.       Keep it light

Having unnecessary bulk in your boot, in the back seat or even on your car can make your engine work harder. By preparing your car for a journey you can save fuel.
3.       Slow down

Eamon Ryan does have some good advice! Avoid harsh and unnecessary braking and in turn avoid harsh and unnecessary acceleration. By accelerating harshly, this brings more fuel into your engine and burns it quicker. If you avoid this, then you are avoiding unnecessary breaking. This will save a lot of fuel in the short term.
4.       Find the best fuel prices

This seems like a no brainer, but if you keep a note of all the service stations you pass daily, this is a good place to start. If this gets too complicated, then try looking up some of the fuel apps that will tell you where the cheapest litre of fuel is. is a good one. Waze app is also a good one to plan your journey.
5.       Check out our Hybrid cars for fuel efficiency

Hybrid and Electric cars are the future to a more sustainable way of living in Ireland. The electric engine takes over when the petrol/ diesel engine runs unnecessarily. It avoids harsh acceleration by using the electric motor to initially accelerate, easing in the engine to take over. Therefore, using less fuel. Some Hybrid cars also have a regenerative braking system which charges the battery upon slowing down or breaking- saving you even more fuel.
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