First EVER EV Convention In Ireland!!!

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Kylemore Cars NEVO EV Convention

On the 17th of Feb 2024, James made his way to the RDS Dublin for Irelands First EV Convention hosted by NEVO in partnership with Bank of Ireland. With Kylemore Cars being a strong supporter of EV’s & Hybrids, this was a show we were really looking forward to.
Meeting The Experts
              At the BMW Ireland stand while looking at the new 2024 BMW i5 James met DriveLogic [ Stephen Carney ] ‘’ Big fan of it from a styling point of view… I haven’t driven the i5 extensively but I have driven the i4, not only do they look good but they are a fun car to drive ‘’. Stephen went on to say he hopes he’ll get to drive the new i5 soon. James did mention the main difference between the i4 and i5 is the sizing. The i4 is deceivingly small once on the inside but a great car none the less.

James From Kylemore Cars & DriveLogic

              Later in the event James also met up with Richard from Ecoplex Energy Solutions who retrofit EV charging points and solar panels to commercial and residential customers. ‘’ If you’re not charging at home, you’re wasting your money ‘’ – James.
The Cars of NEVO
              MG unveiled their new sports car ‘’ The Cyberster ‘’ which is a two-seater sports car featuring Lamborghini style doors and a sup 3 second 0-60mph time. It will cost between 60 – 80k depending on spec and of course is fully electric. James is not a fan of the name.

The MG Cyberster 

              Maxus were showing off two models, their new pick up truck and MPV. All of which are fully electric, made and built in China but with a real American look. ‘’ They look like big Brutes ‘’ – James

New Maxus EV Models

              James had a quick look around the Jeep Avenger [ Great name, average car ] , the new style Tesla Model 3 [ which now looks like a glorified Toyota ] and the impressive Polestar 3 [ 3 seems to be the magic number ] .

Polestar 3 New EV

              The Opel Mokka was used to get James to NEVO and back on the day. It’s a very decent car for the price, slightly under powered but features a lot of high end spec ( Heated seats + Steering wheel, auto lock and unlock, Lane assist, etc.. )  for a good price. The car was on sale at Kylemore Cars for €23,950 but has since been sold.
Top 3 Things Learned
1.      EV’s aren’t for everybody.
2.      Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids are here to stay.
3.      EV’s make great second cars for households.
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