Irish Staycation Summer... How to prepare your car for those longer journeys

Another summer of staycations in Ireland!

While restrictions in Ireland are still easing, it appears it could be another summer of staycations. It is vital to ensure your car is safe to drive before any long journey. We have brought together a few road trip tips to ensure your staycation is hassle-free in regards to your car. Before beginning your road trip, you should check your car to make sure it is safe to drive and to avoid any mechanical difficulties along the way. The best way to ensure your car is safe to drive throughout a road trip is to check your car before and after your journey. Book a service today with KYLEMORE SERVICE CENTRE

Before Your Trip

Oil Levels
An extensive drive can cause stress to your vehicle if you do not prepare it properly. All fluids should be checked and replaced, or topped up, before your car has left your driveway. Check your oil level, and check to see whether your oil should be changed or not. Topping up your oil is not the same as changing your oil. Old oil can create sludge that can damage the inner workings of your car. If you notice oil sludge within your vehicle or you have not replaced your oil in some time, you should change the oil before embarking on your road trip. All other fluids such as engine coolant, water and brake fluids should be topped off also.
Brakes should be tested beforehand to ensure they are in good working order. All car lights including signals, brake lights and headlights should be checked the evening before when it is dark outside. This is done to make sure they work when visibility ever becomes hindered during your road trip. Spare bulbs should be packed just in case they are needed.
Tyres, Tyres, Tyres!
As we know, tyres are the first point of contact between the car and the road, therefore they must be treated with extra precaution before a road trip. Tyres should be thoroughly checked for any punctures or damage beforehand, and any punctures should be repaired before setting off on your journey. You should also check the air pressure of your tyres and ensure they are filled with the correct amount of air beforehand. You should always make sure you have a puncture repair kit in your car just in case you experience a puncture during your journey.
External & Internal Clean
Finally, you should give your car a thorough external and internal clean. Doing so allows you to check the full condition of your car’s interior and it is important to clean your car’s windows to ensure good visibility.

After your trip

After your road trip, you should give your car a good inspection once again. This should be done for many reasons. The main reason being to evaluate whether your car’s condition has deteriorated in any way throughout the road trip.
Inspection & Clean
To begin checking your car, you should start by cleaning the car once again. After a long trip, the sooner you clean out the interior of the car, the easier it will be to remove any stains that occurred during the trip. When cleaning the exterior of the car, it is important to focus on clearing underneath the car as dirt may have collected that if left for an extended period of time, could cause damage further down the line. If the car received any sort of damage during the trip, it should be attended to sooner rather than later. Damage such as a small chip in the windscreen could worsen to a larger crack if not dealt with soon after occurring. You should also have your car maintenance so that it is ready for your next road trip.
Checking that your car is in working order both before and after a long road trip is important to make sure that it is safe to drive. By ensuring your car is properly prepared for your road trip, you can prevent any damage to your car, or any breakdowns along your road trip
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