Purchasing a new car, be it brand new or used, can be overwhelming financially. The different finance options that come with purchasing a car on finance provide budget flexibility. At Kylemore Cars, we are often asked questions regarding the finance option we provide and we have answered some of your frequently asked questions.
1. How long does it take to fill out a finance form?
Filling out our finance form is a quick and seamless process. It only takes between 5-20 minutes, depending on if you have all of your information at hand.
2. How much deposit is required?
From 0%-20% of the total car price, it depends on which bank accepts your application.
3. How long does it take to get approved? If I get approved do I have to take it?
You can get approved within minutes and no more than 3 hours. No, you don't! you are under no obligation to take the car once you get approved. So fire away and apply!
4. How long does a finance offer last?
Our finance offer will stay open for 3 weeks. However, this does not guarantee that the car will be there, so if you are set on that car we advise you to complete the deal within 1-3 days.
5. What do you mean by building my credit?
If your monthly repayments would be €350 a month, make sure that you have that left over in your account at the end of every month. 6 months bank statements are considered within an application.
6. Can I get a 0% deposit on a 2013 BMW?
No, unfortunately a 2013 car is too old to be approved for finance. Finance is available for cars that are 2016 upwards. However, you can get 0% deposit on one of our 2016+ cars with bank approval.
7. I have bought a car with Kylemore Cars, and have 2 years left to pay. Can I trade it in and top up my finance on a new car?
Yes of course you can! You can switch your finance onto a new car of your choice.
8. Once approved, how long will it take for me to drive my car?
We offer click and delivery nationwide and are open 7 days a week. Once the deal is done, you should be in your car by the next day!
9. I don't have a credit rating. Can I still get finance with Kylemore Cars?
Yes you can! We work with a number of banks so you may still get approved. Our finance specialists are here to work for you and get you approved if possible.