5 tips to ensure your car gets the best possible trade-in valuation

Easy tips to retain your car's trade-in value.

Car ownership used to be a long-term commitment, but in recent years Irish customers have gotten used to changing our cars regularly (every two to three years). In 2020,  it was reported that we keep our mattresses and even mobile phones for longer than our cars!
Opting for a used car is actually the first positive- the first owner of a car takes the biggest hit on depreciation by just being a 'Used Car'. We have outlined 5 easy steps to help make sure your car holds its best possible trade-in value. 
1. Cleaning the interior and exterior 
Not many drivers can say they regularly clean their vehicle thoroughly especially the exterior in the cold winter months. But the reality is that keeping your cars paint work in good condition helps hold its resale value. The last thing you want is discoloration therefore its so important to wash, polish and wax regularly to keep your cars sparkle. We would recommend to all our customers to wash their car regularly (with the two bucket wash method) For those tough stains we suggest using a good quality car polish to gently buff away marks. Lastly we suggest to wax your car twice a year. 
2. Tyres, Tyres, Tyres!
When a cars wheels are in excellent condition it says a lot about the vehicle. Tyres show how a car has been driven, how often it is washed and maintained. Wheels take a lot of punishment on the road on a day to day basis, so whenever possible make sure to rinse your wheels. Rotate your tyres regularly and check the pressure every month. 
3. Keep your interior squeaky clean
Taking care of the interior of a vehicle is just as important as the exterior. We would recommend vacuuming your vehicle regularly in order to retain value. Do not smoke inside the vehicle while you own it, smoke fumes are extremely hard to remove from the car upholstery and it also leaves an un wanted smell. It is important to use a good quality fabric cleaner to remove any stains and a dedicated glass cleaner. Adding finishing touches like air con cleaners and air fresheners make all the difference for future buyers, this is very inviting touch.
4. Keep the car's mileage low where possible 
The cars mileage has a major impact on the value of the vehicle. Long distance driving and over use of the car has a negative impact on mileage. This does not mean you cant enjoy your vehicle. Just keep in mind that it will save you hundreds if not thousands when it comes to reselling your car and reducing your carbon foot print!
5. Invest in services & keep a record of it
Do not ignore the small mechanical issues, you may get away with it but the trade-in price of your car can then be greatly affected. We would recommend you deal with the issues as they come, fixing small issues is a lot less financially damaging than larger ones. Make sure that you keep a record of these services as it may help you get a better trade-in valuation. 
Before trade in, we would recommend that you get a full service. Kylemore Service Centre has just opened and our services start at €129, contact us for more information.