Buying your first car? Check out these 6 top tips to ensure you choose right!

Kylemore Cars, bringing the fun back into car buying.

Buying your first car is such an exciting experience, we believe it should be a simple oneThis is a monumental landmark, a moment in your life which you have worked extremely hard for and have waited until now to gain that sense of freedom. We have created 6 points for you to consider before making the purchase, check them out below.
1.       Set a Budget for your new vehicle that is suitable for you
Be realistic when it comes to choosing the price range for your new vehicle, discover your options and figure out how much you can afford to borrow and stick to that figure. Be aware of all the other costs which are unavoidable, such as Tax, Insurance, NCT and fuel. (include details on financing available)
2.       Decide what type of car you'd like (consider the engine size) 
We would advise young drivers who have not yet obtained their full license to invest in a smaller vehicle with a smaller engine size, with these factors in mind the type of driving you will be doing should be taken into consideration, will your journeys be long? Are you commuting long distances for work or college? You can now search our vehicle by engine size here 
3.       Choose second hand!
Kylemore Cars are Irelands leading used car dealership. What does this mean for you? It means that we offer you the best prices for the highest quality second-hand cars. With second-hand cars, you can save a lot of money as the first owner has taken the biggest hit on the depreciation value.
4. Ask for a personalised video
Given the current climate taking the vehicle for a spin is no longer an option, but Kylemore cars have taken extra steps in order to give you a personal experience with your new potential vehicle. We will supply customers with a personalised video for any vehicle of your choice. We want your first time buying your new car to be special, even in these difficult times!
5.       Tax and Insuring your vehicle
A significant cost in obtaining a car is having to tax and insure it. As this is your first time getting insured, it would be wise to buy a car in the lower insurance group.
6.       Why should you buy from a dealership?
We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. Buying your car from a dealership provides you with security. We have all heard a story from a friend or family member regarding a bad experience from a private seller. Don’t become that bad story. Buy from a dealership as you are ensured they follow codes of practice.